How To Run A Top Mobile Marketing Campaign 5

The best ways to Run A Top Mobile Marketing Campaign

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Mobile marketing is presently the best tool for online marketers as a growing number of people, or possible purchasers, now have a mobile phone. As this kind of marketing is relatively brand-new, there is very little recommendations around. This article contains a few pointers and concepts to help you to obtain begun with mobile marketing.

If you can, address the recipient of the message by their name. People will certainly be most likely to focus on the message if it is addressed to them straight. Address them in an energetic way so that you catch their attention and motivate them to find out more about your project.

It is essential to keep track of all the responses that you are getting from your mobile marketing experience. This will certainly enable you to understand if you are doing the ideal thing, or if you need some enhancement someplace. Utilize a mobile-only web analytics service to track everything.

Although the number of mobile users is increasing, that doesn’t mean you can take your mobile marketing project beyond its particular niche and just market to a larger market. You still need to continue to be within the boundaries of your market. You will certainly find that any specific niche gets bigger, however trying to bring in individuals from outside it is simply squandered effort.

Include messaging about basic message expenses to any mobile marketing enrollment form. Lots of customers now have unrestricted messaging plans, but for those paying by the message or with a particular monthly limitation, providing this message ensures they know they may see charges associated with the messages they choose to get from your business.

Guarantee that you are covered in the legal element of mobile marketing. This does not mean you have to strap up a group of legal representatives, but you wish to guarantee that you are taking the best steps to make sure that you aren’t going to get some sort of legal difficulty through nondisclosure of full details.

Crafting a genuine company plan is a good idea with mobile marketing. Just since the mobile devices are little, that definitely doesn’t suggest that your task is going to be a simple one. Make certain you’re doing what you can to preplan your entire campaign, from creation to hypothesized fruition you want to try to cover all angles.

One of the vital aspects to effective mobile marketing advertising and messaging is to keep your messages and advertisements short, to the point, and immediate. The gadgets are perhaps smaller sized, so you have less room to deal with in composing your advertisement. So make them short and clear so that you can get your message across quickly and fully comprehended.

You should make it easy for individuals to unsubscribe from your distribution list. A lot of companies include a few commands at the end of their messages: for example, a client can unsubscribe by texting back ‘stop’. You ought to make use of a simple command and offer clear instructions about unsubscribing from your mobile project.

The suggestions above need to have provided you some ideas which will assist you to create an effective mobile marketing ad campaign for your company. You need to also continue to keep up to date with the current developments in the mobile marketing market so that you can remain ahead of your competitors.

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Ways To Boost Response With Mobile Marketing (2)

Ways To Increase Response With Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is a business promo device that is taking the world by storm. By utilizing it, companies can promote their products from throughout the world by simply sending their ads to mobile phones like cellular phone. For information on the best ways to utilize mobile marketing, read these tips.

When marketing through e-mails or text, aim to consist of the recipients name in the message. This personal strategy makes customers feel important, instead of like just a client number. Effective businesses assist each of its customers to feel individually vital due to the fact that they are important to a businesses development and success.

Know your hours. You do not want to be messaging customers while they are sleeping or having dinner. Attempt to prevent troubling them on vacations or Sundays, unless it is very important. Your client does not constantly wish to be handling your texts, so ensure you are just texting at great times.

Make certain that your site is mobile friendly. Products like your hours of operation, store areas, and directions must all be easily seen from a mobile phone. If you sell products on your site, ensure that mobile consumers can quickly look for products to compare pricing. Consider consisting of a link for instructions too.

Utilize a web analytics program to track the success of your campaign. You will certainly be able to find out how many of your messages were actually checked out and the number of were erased. You should have the ability to track which messages drew more traffic to your website so you can duplicate them in the future.

Ensure your site is mobile-friendly. See your websites and blog sites using numerous mobile phones. You might be stunned how bad they view the small screen. Having a website that is mobile-friendly or has actually a designated mobile landing page is important for reaching consumers who are on the go if your website is not viewable, they will rapidly find another.

Provide instant benefits. With mobile marketing you can give your clients exactly what they desire, with no delays. Having a delay can make things lose their value or demand. People will take part in your marketing campaign wanting to get the assured reward. The quicker they get the reward, the happier they will certainly be.

If you are using email as part of your mobile technique, think about using a text strategy instead of HTML. If you haven’t optimized your HTML imaginative for a mobile phone, the email itself can be incredibly hard to check out in a mobile environment. A text e-mail is ideal for mobile users, as it will certainly appear exactly the very same way throughout all email clients and it’s easy to read on small screens.

Aim to restrict the quantity of offers you’re sending through your mobile marketing project. It can be a little tiresome for you to sit there and design a lot of alert messages and call-to-action lines to send, and it can be really bothersome to individuals receiving them. Keep your messages at a minimum unless you truly have something to say.

As stated previously, mobile marketing has taken business world by storm. Businesses can promote items easily by sending them to mobile devices, such as cellular phone and net books. Using the helpful tips from this post, you can quickly utilize mobile marketing to drive your company to brand-new levels.

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Solid Advice To Build Profits Through Mobile Marketing (4)

Solid Advice To Construct Profits Through Mobile Marketing

Among the key points to mobile marketing is that the general success of this kind of marketing depends on each individual business that uses it and the ethics that are thought about in its application. If this peaks your interest, then checked out the remainder of the ideas consisted of here in this article.

It is essential to keep track of all the responses that you are receiving from your mobile marketing adventure. This will allow you to know if you are doing the best thing, or if you require some improvement somewhere. Use a mobile-only web analytics service to keep track of everything.

Your mobile marketing campaign need to never change an existing campaign; it needs to just match it. You need to be using mobile marketing in order to keep your current consumers and/or to deal with mobile users within your market specific niche. Just see to it to keep your other campaigns running.

Ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Your mobile-friendly site needs to not be cluttered with graphics, and must just include standard however vital information about your business that a mobile user can quickly get to. Mobile users do things quickly, and your website has to display effectively on their mobile devices if you want them to visit you commonly.

Have a look at all conversion opportunities. You should be thinking of what you can do to achieve conversion on your mobile landing pages Free apps, downloads, opt-ins and sign-ups are a few you can use, however you can likewise set up click-to-call or click-to-book alternatives by embedding the right links on the pages.

Make certain your customers understand their company is appreciated. Provide them special deals, discounts based upon trademark goals or perhaps a basic thank you keep in mind. They need to understand you value their company or they might take it to somebody who will certainly go that extra step.

Never disregard to accommodate the people who aren’t replying to you in a mobile marketing campaign if you desire even more consumers. You must also do more to revive repeat customers, however likewise repair what’s not working with your project so that you can entice more people to drop in.

You MUST test any mobile marketing project on all of the phones and tablets available to guarantee it displays precisely as you want it to. If your call to action doesn’t appear, or the link you have actually consisted of does not work then your whole advertising campaign will be a wash on that brand of phone.

Take a look at free mobile apps around the web and get some of these to offer your customers in your mobile marketing campaign. With a routine project, you can provide things like totally free eBooks and white papers. In the mobile world, however, people are truly interested in apps. Discover some cool ones to offer complimentary.

In conclusion, there is a lot more that enters into mobile marketing than just the issue of your very own business. Along with all of the other pointers supplied, you learned that the success of this kind of marketing, depends on everybody who uses it as a whole. Ideally, this will certainly assist assist your use of mobile marketing.

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Google Mail For Mobile Phones

Google Mail For Mobile Phones

With the introduction of fast Web connections for the majority of brand-new smart phones (either through 3G networks or cordless LANs) application suppliers such as Google are striving to develop mobile versions of their present online providings.

Google Mail has recently been launched to enable users to connect and read their email any place and whenever. Many individuals already have a Google user account established which not just allows you to access email on the Internet however will allow you access to applications such as Adwords, Analytics, Webmaster Tools and far more. This Google user account can now be made use of to log in to you email through your smart phone.

As typical Google keeps it easy. There is a single quick application download which will install Google Mail on your mobile phone and adds a launch icon to a pertinent location within your smart phone menu. As soon as you launch the application you are taken quickly to your e-mail Inbox which displays all your newest emails. By clicking one of the emails in the list you open the e-mail in your mobile window which you can then check out by utilizing the scroll button. There is a menu which gives you all your options such as reply, erase, archive and everything you would expect from an email customer. You can also utilize this menu to navigate to other folders such as starred or sent out products. The compose window is again basic and clear. You are provided a ‘To’ text box which permits you to enter a recipient or search through your contacts. All you have to do then is add a subject title, write your e-mail in the location offered and after that use the actions menu to send. Hyperlinks within e-mails are managed and this enables you to click through to websites and view them in you smart phones web browser.

Something that the mobile variation of Google Mail does presently not enable you to do is develop your own folders for keeping e-mails, though it does show the starred folder and folders you may have developed within the initial online variation. Images are stripped from the e-mails to permit them to fit within your cellphone window and a general issue with smart phone emailing and web surfing is that it is still a lot slower typing using a mobile keyboard as compared to a typical PC.

All in all it looks like Google have done it once again. They have taken something that everyone else aims to overcomplicate by including all fancy features and have actually kept it basic. The interface takes what is required and provides the email client in a medical easy to use manner. Web mail has ended up being a lot more popular in recent times with the introduction of unlimited server area, the advancement of this and other mobile e-mail clients will just further enhance the use and appeal of these applications. Competitors Yahoo! should take a leaf from Googles book and stop attempting to pack everything into a single application. Exactly what relates to someone is not always appropriate to another, not everyone wants news, maps or to browse the Web by means of their mobile. Yahoo! packs all these into their cellphone e-mail application and overcomplicates the user interface decreasing e-mail access time.

Google mail gets a huge thumbs up and we extremely (if you have not already) creating a Google user account and downloading this application for your cellphone so that you too can access your e-mail on the move.

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Amber Alert – Awesome Use of Text Messaging

A few minutes ago my Blackberry made that distinctive “You’ve got an SMS – Come Check Me!” sound. I’m not one of those people who have it buzz or ding everytime an email comes in. If that were the case I would quickly ignore it. An SMS is usually something I want to see.

People still get relatively few SMS messages per day (unless you’re my kids), so we tend to look when they come in. As I have always said, Mobile Marketing is about the right message, at the right time, at the right place. Well that goes for targeted alerts and content as well.

The SMS I got was an Amber Alert. Along with Tornado alerts and Emergency Alerts, this is one of the greatest uses of SMS. It was targeted to phones within the relative geographical area, and provided all the information needed to get thousands of eyeballs looknig for an abducted kids.

AMBER ALERT: Bergenfeld, NJ VEH 1995 Grn Infinity J30, TAG XXXXX CHILD:17 WhiteF 5Ft3 120lbs Eyes:BRN HR:Brn: SUSP:19M:SUSP18:M:SUSP21:M

Luckily 30 seconds later a cancel alert message was sent. This one sounds like a 17 year old girl hanging with some older boys possibly. This is the first message I received in a long time (since Oct), so clearly it is only used when really needed. Hopefully all turned out fine.

I had completely forgotten that I signed up for these free Amber alerts. Sign up right now. A child abducter can not outrun the speed of SMS, and the more volunteers who subscribe, the better the chances of locating a child quickly.


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Mobile Web Specific Metrics, KPIs & Segmentation

One of the purposes of this blog is to educate mobile web site publishers about the differences between mobile and the wired web.

The same way that mobile web sites should not just be “mini” versions of Internet sites, analytics and visitor tracking should be looked at differently as well.

Whether we’re talking about the wired web, or mobile web, there are of course the standard things we all want to know.

  • Visits
  • Unique Visitors
  • Pageviews
  • Popular pages
  • Referrers
  • Search terms
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • and so on…

What’s great about mobile analytics is that we add new segments that we can view the standard data by. We can now analyze visitor behavior not only based on where they are from, when they visit, and how they got there. We can now analyze the behavior based on the phone and it’s features, and how it impacts your conversions.

For example, one thing we struggle with on the mobile web is forms. Let’s say we have a lead generation form that asks for an email address. While filling out that form would be considered a “Goal” with an overall conversion rate, that rate needs to be looked at deeper.

Let’s say overall conversion rate for the lead form is 1.07%

As an analyst, you naturally ask yourself how you can increase that. Well on the wired web, the changes that you make  will affect all visitors in the same way. Every computer has a screen, mouse and keyboard. Other than screen size, we’re not talking much difference.

With mobile analytics, you need to look deeper. The overall conversion rate might be 1.07%, but what is the conversion rate for those visitors that have QWERTY keyboards? So we take a look and we see that number jump to 3.23%!

Well that tells us something, doesn’t  it? If everyone had a QWERTY keyboard, the conversion rate would be much higher. So what can you do? Well that’s up to you. Maybe you break the email address into two text boxes with the “@” between them so users don’t need to find that symbol. Maybe you use one text box, an “@” and a drop down of the most popular domain extensions.

What’s great about analytics, is you can make the change and know quickly if it increases the conversion.

And by the way, what I would do is serve different forms to the users based on the features of their phones., but that’s a whole different post.

So what I’m saying here is that since you are dealing with literally hundreds of screens and keyboards, you need to look at the analytics in context when taking action. Analytics are pointless without taking action.

With mobile analytics, you can now slice the data in new dimensions, and you have new kinds of data to work with.

  • What percentage of my visitors support streaming video?
  • What is the average screen size of my mobile visitors?
  • Which handset owners spend the most per visit?
  • How long do smartphone users spend on site compared to smaller flip phones?

All this info is useful in determining what content to serve, and what products to sell. Segmenting by the details of the mobile handsets adds a whole new dimension to analytics.


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Mobilytics Mobile Web Analytics Beta Update

First let me start by thanking those mobile web sites that are currently participating in our beta, and those waiting for their invites.

Beta testing has been a part of software development since the first software was created. Contrary to what many “Web 2.0″ companies think, beta testing has a purpose other than just being an excuse for having bugs.

While we can create mock data and test features in-house, there is nothing like real data and users to find the faults, stress the system, and solicit valuable feedback. This is the reason for beta testing.

About a week ago, we put the invites on hold while we began implementing a solution to an issue that I was uncomfortable with. I won’t get too technical in this update, but will do a blog post about the system architecture sometime soon.

As an entrepreneur, I find it extremely valuable to get my web site analytics data as close to real time as possible. Two of my goals when designing a mobile web analytics product were to deliver analytic data within hours rather than next day, and to be able to add hundreds of millions of pages views without affecting that time frame.

Soon after we added our first large beta tester, we realized that we had a scalability issue when processing the raw data we receive from our customer’s mobile web sites. While it worked great for smaller sites, many of the calculations and processes were taking way too long, and it was not scaling well. Adding more sites and pageviews added too much time to the processing of the data.

I immediately began to architect a better way to process that data, and it appears to have made a huge difference. While our reporting servers and web site are Microsoft ASP.NET and SQL Server based, we have moved our data collection and analytic processing to a Linux based platform, utilizing Amazon’s EC2 elastic computing cloud, S3 storage, and SQS web services.

A successful hosted web analytics product can have a database with billions of records, and will receive many millions of hits per day from all over the world. For those of you that are not technical, Amazon’s web services allow unlimited growth by providing “virtual” servers and unlimited storage. Adding a mobile web site to our service that gets 100 million page views per month is as simple as turning on a few additional virtual servers.

Virtual Servers can also be used for analytical data processing, and can be turned on and off as needed based on the load. If one of our customers all of a sudden gets a huge spike in traffic, we automatically turn on additional servers, and turn them off when they are under-utilized.

At this point our data collection process has been completely moved to Amazon. Additionally, we are in the final stages of development and testing of our new coding and import process.  This is the process that takes the raw data and moves it to our reporting servers for display in our interface and also makes it available through our web service. We have moved it from a C# .Net & SQL Server application, to a Java based app that can run on Amazon’s servers and can scale up as needed. Using Amazon’s SQS service, the system can monitor the load and add more servers and processors as needed. If we see that the average time from collection to reporting is more than a few hours, the system simply adds more servers.

The next stage of the beta testing will be to begin increasing the incoming data next week so we can see how it is working. We expect to send out about 25 invites next week and 50 the week after. If you have not filled out our survey, please do now. Two of the important questions are the number of page views per month your site receives, and what web technology is used for development. Don’t worry if you have very little traffic. We are adding both large and small sites to the mix. Customer feedback is every bit as important as load testing.

I look forward to adding more testers and rolling out the best mobile web analytics product. Thanks for all your help and feedback!

Whether or not you are interested in beta testing, please do fill out our survey. It has help us build a better product, and we will be releasing the summary results after our official launch out of beta.


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Mobile SEO’s Guide to Mobile Web Analytics

A few weeks a go I was contacted by Bryson Meunier who has a blog about mobile search engine optimization and natural search. He was putting together a post about mobile analytics and wanted to include Mobilytics.

He released that post yesterday, and we are very pleased with it. In the post he looks at the 4 mobile analytics vendors that are in the market today. Of the four, only 2 of us are really complete stand-alone analytics packages, and we are the only one that can be used by everyone from tiny budget-minded mobile webmasters, to the major mobile web portals.

From what I’ve seen, Mobile Vision’s Mobilytics is in a position to become the Google Analytics of the mobile web. Mobilytics is similar to Bango and GetMobile Analytics in that it’s a hosted solution, and like both Bango and Amethon in that it offers mobile marketers a wealth of data about how their mobile web sites are used. The difference, and the reason why Mobilytics might catch on faster than the others, I think, is that they offer free mobile web analytics to anyone willing to put a small text ad on their site, regardless of the number of page views. This is likely to appeal to small business owners with the branding flexibility to do this, and other mobile marketers who are not convinced enough of the need for mobile-specific analytics to increase their budgets for them just yet.

In terms of their product offering, Mobilytics is competitive with both Amethon and Bango in the sheer number of data metrics that they offer marketers and the accuracy of their data relative to traditional web analytics. Like GetMobile Analytics, tracking is done through a widget of code that captures information about the server

He also points out some of the issues that our competitors face.


Requires a dedicated server and is not for small to medium budget sites that are on shared hosting platforms. It could also be an issue for enormous sites that are using server farms and load balancing since it can become a bottleneck.

Don’t own a server? Don’t start salivating just yet. Amethon bills their Site Edition as being ideal “for large mobile content publishers ”, meaning smaller to mid-size companies without the mobile budget might find their solution less than ideal. Tracking for Amethon works by switching the traffic from a mobile analytics server to a web server and requires additional hardware installation, necessitating a certain level of commitment of resources that many small businesses might not be willing to make just yet.

If you want to be up and tracking your complete mobile web site and marketing campaigns in minutes for minimal or no cost, Amethon is not the solution for you.

GetMobile Mobilizer:

In my opinion, GetMobile is not really an analytics solution. Their product is a mobile web site builder with mobile stats built in. They also lack many of the tracking features and metrics needed to really understand your site and visitors.

As part of their mobile site creator they offer mobile analytics to give webmasters a better sense of what’s happening on their mobile sites.

The problem with GetMobile analytics at the moment is not accuracy, but rather the lack of actionable metrics with regard to the mobile search engines. For SEOs, there’s not much here currently that could aid them in benchmarking, tracking and optimizing a campaign.

Bango Analytics:

Well my opinion of Bango has been publicly stated. While Bryson mentions some of the issues with using Bango, he does not address the fact that it is not a complete solution. Simply put, Bango is not a stand-alone mobile analytics solution that can provide all of these metrics, and track mobile campaigns and SEO easily. They require you to redirect your visitors to a Bango URL on the way in. It does not work with natural organic search, and does not track pageviews, search engine keywords, content paths, and many other needed analytics.

Bango is a good solution for users of their e-commerce services who want to track conversions and get details about their customers. We do all that and more. And we don’t require you to redirect the URL.

One possible problem with Bango Analytics with regard to SEO is the way that mobile users are tracked. Currently Bango tracks mobile users by temporarily redirecting them to a site, where data is collected on the handset, search terms, etc. before they’re sent back to the client site. This is done so quickly that it doesn’t affect the user experience, but it could affect the overall link popularity or the crawlability of the site. I simulated a spider crawl on several of Bango’s mobile clients, and it doesn’t seem to be an issue with regards to crawlability, but it’s something to look out for if you decide to select Bango Analytics as your mobile analytics provider.

Essentially what it comes down to is that Mobilytics is a complete solution that combines the best of all of these solutions in a single package. Bango’s complete system is covered in our Campaign Tracker module and  Amethon’s “on the wire” data capture is covered by our optional IIS and APACHE custom logging modules (more on this soon).

We are also launching a mobile web site hosting & web site builder solution that will provide server based, detailed, accurate stats without the need for page tagging. More on this to come as well.

We’re very excited about the future, and look forward to adding our next round of beta testers next week.

Nice job Bryson! Thanks!


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Mobile Ads Slow to Take off Due to Poor Analytics

In an article recently from BusinessWeek, Olga Kharif points out the issues that advertisers are having with the transparency of mobile ad networks.

Advertisers are shying away from mobile phones until they get clearer data on whether promotions on the small screen pay off

We have 2 main objectives that will determine if Mobilytics is indeed a successful product. The first being a simple web analytics tool to get an overall detailed picture of visitors and customers. We take this for granted on the Internet, and there is no reason we can’t have the same and more on the mobile web.

The second objective is to allow advertisers and publisher to track what’s going on with their campaigns. The ad networks right now do not share enough information, and it is difficult for advertisers to track end to end promotions to sales and conversions. It is also difficult to compare side by side ad campaigns from different ad networks and publishers.

Complicating matters, what little data the wireless service providers do pass back to advertisers varies widely in terms of what they measure. Mobile-advertising networks, in turn, crunch the disparate data in different ways to gauge the audience response to ads. One ad network might report the number of phones that received an ad, while another might report how many users actually viewed the ad. The distinction is subtle, but important for advertisers. Without a consistent yardstick, it’s hard to compare the results of a campaign that ran through Yahoo’s ad-placement business with one placed by a rival network such as AdMob.

Mobilytics is being built to be a tool that can leave the ad network out of the decision as to what data to share with the advertiser. With proper campaign coding, detailed information to be used across publishers is easily possible.

We are that consistent yardstick that is needed in the industry. The only way to measure correctly will be with a third-party tool that provides common metrics across publishers.

In the end, ad agencies find themselves creating complex spreadsheets in a bid to reconcile the data from various campaigns. “They are doing more manual processing of data than strategic planning for their clients,” says Scott Ferris, a senior vice-president at Microsoft (MSFT), which has been testing software to help agencies compare mobile-ad data from different sources.

Building manual spreadsheets is not the answer. It still uses bad input data. Using Mobilytics and our API we can provide all the data needed to determine the success of mobile ad campaigns.

MobiAd news has a great post about the article here as well.


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Ready for Next Round of Mobilytics Beta Testers

While it’s been quiet on the blogging front lately, it has been anything but quiet back here at the office. The developers have been banging out features and bug fixes, while business development is racking up an impressive list of potential and committed clients. We’ve had great interest from companies that range from the little guy with a wap site, to a few of the top 10 Internet giants. (Still waiting for Google to call…)

Beginning Monday, April 7th, we will open the next round of beta testing. Over the next few weeks we are looking to add at least an additional 1 million page views per day. We will be sending out invites to specific requesters based on when they signed up, as well as the technology used and size of the site. But don’t worry, we are looking for both large and small sites. We will probably add about 30 beta testers in this round over the next 2 weeks.

One of the other things we will be looking for is sites that are interested in using our service for free (and earn revenue) in exchange for showing a small text ad. We need to start testing the ad servers and targeting platform in the real world. Please let us know if you are interested in participating. There is more information about our mobile ad network here on our web site.

Over the last few months, we have been working hard on making our infrastructure and applications as scalable as possible. Without getting to technical in this post, we have built out an entire network of virtual computers, disk storage and monitoring applications using the Amazon Web Services platform. I figure if it’s good enough for them to run on, then it’s good enough for us.

When things settle down, I plan to put together a number of posts and a technical document outlining exactly what we have done. There are many out there in the tech community that can learn from this experience. I have been in technology for over 20 years, but never before have I integrated such a wide range of products and operating systems with such power, and with such ease.

For those of you non-techies, all you need to know is that with a single click of a mouse, we can add additional capacity. As the page views grow, so does the processing and data collection power. We recently heard a story about a competitor of ours who was having major issues with processing time and overloaded traffic. While moving over to the Amazon Elastic Computing Cloud set us back a few months, we won’t need to rebuild our apps and infrastructure when we become the #1 mobile web analytics solution available.

Our goal for the last phone of testing is for this scalability to be completely automated. We are almost there. The system can see how much data is coming in and waiting to be processed, and it can turn on and off “virtual” computers as needed. That’s cool! We don’t need to pay for computers that are not being utilized, and it will all be done automagically.

Keep an eye out for your beta invite, and please respond quickly if possible. If you can’t take advantage of your invite, then we’d like to send some out to others who are waiting. We have received hundreds of requests, but can’t flip them all on at once (although we probably can), until we load test further.

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